Nuance Healthcare is one of the world's leading provider of speech recognition, dictation, and transcription systems and services that simplify and enhance the production and management of electronic patient documentation. Today, thousands of hospitals, clinics, and group practices and hundred thousands of healthcare providers, use professional speech recognition for healthcare providers by Nuance to transform the high cost of medical reporting to a low cost high-quality process, for increased doctor productivity and better care, through easier, more immediate access to electronic patient information.

Product sheets and customer stories

Cloud-based speech recognition for Healthcare with the new
360 | Development Platform

The 360 | Development Platform comprises:

  • The brand new 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services allowing Healthcare Software Vendors to quickly and easily speech-enable healthcare applications as a natural extension of their user interface, whether on mobile devices, thin clients, web browsers or desktops, with minimal development effort.
  • The new Release 3 of the 360 | SpeechMagic SDK7. This new release of the SpeechMagic SDK, designed to be deeply embedded into clinical applications, allows existing Nuance integration partners to access the full capabilities of the 360 | Development Platform.
  • Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition, built on top of the 360 | Development Platform, is a ready-to-use, front-end speech recognition application, very convenient for doctors to click and dictate at the cursor anywhere in their EHR. It is particularly suited for thin client environments such as Citrix; all recognition tasks are processed in the cloud.